Blockchain Art Di$rupting Billions

Written by Maurice Cardinal

 “cryptocurrencies have the potential to
transform multiple facets of the art world.”
Tim Schneider, Art World.

Written by: Maurice Cardinal

*From where I sit, for four decades as a producer and manager of high visibility art projects, and for the last five as a blockchain development advisor, I’d say blockchain is already impacting art in a way similar to how MP3 re-invented the music industry, and billionaire art impresario, Adam Lindemann agrees.

@AdamLindemann recently hosted “The Art of Blockchain” at Art Basel Miami Beach – at least six other blockchain events were presented at the prestigious art fair. Lindemann owns the Venus Over Manhattan gallery in NYC, and also launched ArtBLX, a blockchain art company that develops smart contracts.

In 1999 Rolling Stone wrote, “the only thing more popular than MP3, is SEX!” – kind of like crypto today haha. I helped shepherd in MP3 in the 90’s and several years ago began researching cryptocurrency concepts for International Artist Day.

Attorney, Jorge Espinosa, managing partner with an intellectual property law firm writes, “…the modern technology of Blockchain has merged with art to create a thriving new digital art marketplace.”

Christies Auction House recently launched Artory to record art transactions on blockchain that create a verifiable record of ownership. The Blockchain Art Collective also recently launched an intermediary step for artists who want to protect and register their work using blockchain. According to their website, “Blockchain Art Collective …affixes tamper-proof Near-Field Communication (NFC) chips to the physical art itself. These chips – which offer the same level of encryption and security as those used in credit cards and passports – in turn contain information about a work that is stored on a blockchain.”

Art Decentralised sums it up nicely by exploring how blockchain is disrupting the $64 billion art industry.


Here’s an absolute perfect example of WHY ARTISTS NEED BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY!
After reading the comments it’s not hard to see that something has to change.



B-B-B-Baby …
You ain’t seen nothing yet!



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