Crypto Christmas Conferences

Written by Maurice Cardinal

‘Tis the season to get away from the office
and see what the rest of the world is doing in the

*In the lead up to Christmas no one does any tangible work anyway (haha), so why not make good use of your time and go face to face with crypto colleagues you’ve met online over the last year.

Crypto Christmas Conferences are happening everywhere right now, and well into January.

If you’re not going – YET! Go to your BOSS and make your pitch!

If YOU ARE the BOSS! We’ll see you and your tribe somewhere on the tour!
If you see me or any of us at CoinSeason at a conference please say hello!

NAC3, Disrupting the Global Economy on December 8 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA is one of the fastest growing and most influential Bitcoin and Blockchain conferences on the planet, but you missed it this year, so put it on your list NOW for 2019. It delivers critical info that everyone, including small and PRO traders will find valuable. You’ll learn a lot in a very friendly and sharing atmosphere. And guess what, you can Buy Tickets with CRYPTO – anything less would be criminal. Check out speakers and hosts like Jonhnson Nakano @jnakano89, Managing Director of Decipher Capital, and Captain CryptoNathan Leung from AltCoin Buzz.

Stay in WILD VEGAS until December 11 and catch CBC – CryptoBlockCon where you’ll see showcases of companies who use crypto technology to disrupt industries and continuously innovate. It will be two days of hanging out with crypto stars like Jeremy Gardner @Disruptepreneur, Blockchain Capital and Spencer Montgomery @montspencer from Microsoft.

Don’t like Vegas, who does haha, then check out Tel Aviv, Israel for the NextBlock Conference – From Chaos to Clarity on December 12, 2018. NextBlock is highly educational, as well as engaging and attracts influencers who are changing the world. Keynotes by David Weild IV @weildco, Former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ and Alex Mashinsky @Mashinsky Founder and CEO of Celsius Network.

Hong Kong Crypto Christmas – Couldn’t have said it better!

Asia is the crypto center of the universe, so if you want to know what’s happening globally Hong Kong is a must do event. They shortlisted the most prominent guests in town to share insights into future crypto markets. It’s promoted as a “Blockchain Closed-door Event” but some tickets are available to the public. Keynote speaker is Andrew ShengSecurities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

Stay in Asia for the World Blockchain Summit in India on January 1st 2019. “The World Blockchain Summit is a global series of elite gatherings that take place in 15+ destinations across the world. In India their theme is “to bridge the nascent blockchain industry to explore implementation strategies in the Financial Services, Clean Energy and Agriculture sectors”. They’re expecting over 1,000 attendees. With speakers like Miko Matsumura @mikojava ‏ Founder, Evercoin and Wesam Lootah @wesamlootah, Chief Executive Officer, Smart Dubai Government Establishment.

Next on the conference tour is UNLOCK Blockchain Forum in Dubai, UAE on January 15 & 16 2019. According to their website, “Dubai is implementing 20 Blockchain case studies and the UAE has forged ahead with its Blockchain strategy to have 50% of governmental services on the Blockchain by 2021.” What is your country doing? Hear speakers like Lanjin (Ken) Huang from Security IOT, NuclearChain, DistributedApps, and Michael Chang from @Wachsman_

The sweet spot of crypto in Asia is Singapore, and they are promising an exciting event at EmTech Asia on January 22 & 23 2019. This critical conference is a curation of the world’s leading tech executives, scientists and investors, with speakers like Hyunjun Park @catalogdna, Cofounder and CEO of Catalog DNA and Chris Urmson @chris_urmson Co-Founder and CEO of Aurora Innovation and Former CTO of Self-Driving Cars, Google.

London England is hosting Security Tokens Realised on January 22 & 23 2019. According to their website, “This event will bring together companies looking to do security token offerings with investors and with solution providers who can assist in running STOs.” They are featuring speakers like Thomas Zeeb @sixgroup Chairman, SIX Digital Exchange, Switzerland, and Yubo Ruan @yubo_ruan Founder, 8 Decimal Capital, USA.

And that’s just a short list for December and January. The 2019 conference list is long and getting longer every day though, so make a point to attend a few of these dates throughout the year to find out what your competition is doing, and what your clients are thinking.

Happy Christmas Crypto Conferencing!


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